An article by Drone Industry Insights shares:

One of our most-downloaded products over the past year has been our 2022 Drone Industry Barometer, which is derived from a global survey of almost 900 drone companies. Our 2022 survey included 891 companies from 81 countries across drone hardware, software and services.

survey respondents chart

Among other topics, the survey asked these companies about globally-relevant issues such as:

  • Challenges for global drone industry
  • Primary reasons to adopt drones
  • Resource spending plans & priorities
  • Effects of COVID-19 and flight-path to recovery
  • What they consider as the top market-driving factors

The 2022 Barometer provides the latest and most comprehensive view of the global post-pandemic drone market. Despite the challenges that this unforeseen event presented for companies all around the globe, the industry as a whole has proven its adaptability, resilience, and bright future ahead.

Soaring to new heights, together.

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