What is Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange (NEOFIX)?

NEOFIX allows Cuyahoga County government to publish key information to Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) Operators and Industry in support of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), giving everyone a clear, common picture in the same way that charts do for traditional aviation.

NEOFIX fills the gap between FAA information services for controlled airspace and needed services supporting local of UAS / AAM operations including local rules, sensors, public safety incidents, and flight operations data.

NEOFIX is a public digital service with data in the public domain. It uses an open interface to allow UAS Service Suppliers and makers of ground control software to connect to NEOFIX and automatically subscribe to, collect, and use NEOFIX data to understand ground conditions, ground rules, and who else is flying.

What are the Benefits of the NEOFIX?

How will UAS be integrated into your community? By taking the lead – even if only by clarifying some basic ground information – you can help your community prepare for these exciting new technologies and services, help industry operate safely and effectively, and get ahead of potential issues. NEOFIX public digital services support safe, compliant, effective flight that will grow both commercial UAS services, new public safety UAS services, and related jobs and companies.

What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is the collection of policies, processes, activities, and documentation to ensure that data is described, collected, and published in a consistent, useful manner. NEOFIX Data Governance consists of three governance areas: i) user governance (policies and processes for user access); ii) information governance (policies and processes for how information is described and shared through; and iii) data governance (policies and processes for how data is physically loaded, prepared, and published).

What is the NEOFIX User Group? What does it do?

The NEOFIX User Group advises the administrator of NEOFIX on policy and implementation of user governance, information governance, and data governance and supports the activities of the NEOFIX team in working with stakeholders to identify, load, and publish data assets. The NEOFIX User Group focuses on four activities:

NEOFIX User Group Data Discovery Activities

All direct users of the system are de facto members of the NEOFIX user group. In addition to supporting the data administration with data governance, the NEOFIX User Group will work along with state and local agencies to discover AAM assets (e.g., take-off and landing areas, critical infrastructure, local guidance and rules, existing sensors, etc.) that can be properly and consistently described and published through NEOFIX into the AAM system.

Roles in the NEOFIX User Group

The NEOFIX User Group includes representatives of state and local government who are users of the system, representatives of local and state Public Safety who may be system users, UAS Service Suppliers who will consume and contribute data from and to NEOFIX, Critical Infrastructure Providers who will exchange data with NEOFIX, and representatives of industry and the public.

Each of these stakeholder roles provides input to the data administrator to help reach consensus on how to configure the local and regional groundspace for local integration of UAS operations.