Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange (NEOFIX)

The Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange (NEOFIX), led by Advanced Technology Applications (ATA, LLC), is a program for local government and public safety agencies to post information for each other and drone operators which keep the airspace open, secure, and safe. NEOFIX will use proven technology, successfully being utilized in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to inform drone operators of ground rules and conditions, local issues and events, public safety incidents, hazards, and sensitive and critical infrastructure.

NEOFIX allows information sharing in the most open way possible while also respecting operational security, privacy requirements, and public safety, enabling multiple ways to connect and share information via Internet and flight programs. This program is vital technology infrastructure necessary to promote a friendly setting for drone use, repair, manufacturing and assembly and jobs development.

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    Environmental benefits arising from NEOFIX are three-fold:

    NEOFIX will:

    Cuyahoga County Infrastructure

    Set up Cuyahoga County for private investment in infrastructure, education, and jobs from drone industry as communities that have drone infrastructure first will get the lion’s share of investments as the industry continues to grow.

    Drone Remote Pilot

    Support job growth and creation for industry related positions including remote pilots, flight operations personnel, data analysts, maintenance personnel, and drone manufacturing.

    Hands releasing drone

    Position Cuyahoga County to be one of the nation’s leaders in aviation as it would one of the first utilizing this platform, ensuring the safety and efficiency of drones.

    NEOFIX has been supported by many local, state, and national entities, including:

    • Aerozone Alliance
    • ATA, LLC
    • Baldwin Wallace University, Office of the Provost
    • Cleveland State University, Center for Emergency Preparedness
    • Connect-Tec, Inc.
    • Critical Ops, LLC
    • Crown Castle
    • Drone Responders Public Safety Alliance
    • Drone Up
    • EHM Advisors
    • Manufacturing Works (the former WireNet)
    • NASA Glenn Research Center office of Technology Transfer
    • Ohio Aerospace Institute
    • Raytheon Collins Aerospace
    • The TechPark (Paran Management)
    • Unified Drone
    • Woodlawn Fire Department
    drone surveying field

    Advanced Technology Applications

    NEOFIX is led by Advanced Technology Applications (ATA, LLC), a full stack data science company focused on the Design+Build of scalable, sustainable capabilities to improve organizational performance, optimize investments, reduce risk and use data as a strategic asset for sensemaking and higher quality decisions. Since 2008, ATA has delivered high value information technology solutions to federal and commercial customers in both leading and supporting roles with a concentrated focus on unifying business strategy, automated infrastructure, data ingestion and management pipelines, and flexible analytics to speed the creation and use of data products. ATA integrates across all aspects of data science; from research, strategy, requirements, design, data infrastructure, data management, collection & ingestion and data architecture, to analytics, visualization and access (i.e. the Full Stack). ATA has focus offerings in Semantic Integration, Streaming Analytics, Data Management Automation, Data Processing Modernization, Geospatial Adjudication, and Data and Analytics as a Service (DA4S) leveraging ATA knowledge patterns and generalized, multi-purpose data science cluster. ATA’s core team of highly educated and experienced MS/PhD scientists and technologists, full stack developers, business analysts and subject matter experts combined with a broad range of background intellectual property provides a powerful end-to-end capability following the entire data life-cycle.