BW’s Technology Partnerships Initiative builds collaborative relationships between university researchers and regional partners, fostering entrepreneurship and small business growth, and leveraging technology transfer to support the process.

Specifically, the Technology Partnerships Initiative brings together attentive partners eager to participate in business plan development in areas including aircraft maintenance and aeronautics repair work; drone industry block chain and NASA technology office transfer opportunities; cyber security industry development and big data industry development; solar and clean energy program development; micro-power grid development; and more.

By cultivating an ecosystem of collaboration, we enable our partners to draw on each other’s strengths and grow business together quickly and efficiently. This ability to leverage partner resources, subject matter expertise, and innovation provides a competitive advantage to Cuyahoga County and the region, while realizing shared goals and opportunities.

Our Approach

The Technology Partnership Initiative draws on BW knowledge-leaders, making use of interested parties on the board of directors, alumnae, faculty, and students with the market (public, nonprofit and private sector actors). Outcomes will create the conditions of technology business and industry development whose nexus is or can be the University, drawing on the strengths of the region, the University as a trusted and respected institution, and the public and private infrastructure of the region.

The approach positions the University as the originator of ideas that will serve the larger community of technology business enterprise(s). Such proactive work is new to the University as a method of outreach to the development of technology business adjacent to NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the Cuyahoga County Port Authority and in the changing make-up of hub of activity in the recently designated TechPark.