Baldwin Wallace University’s Technology Partnerships Initiative creates the conditions for technology and related businesses development to benefit the education and career opportunities of BW Students, faculty and alumni in the region and Cuyahoga County communities adjacent and nearby to NASA Glenn Research Center and CLE Hopkins. The work products draw on the notion that BW will incubate social enterprise and engage public private partnership principles as if it were a nonprofit intermediary organization housed in a university setting.


Baldwin Wallace University’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan affirms that the University will be positioned to be an essential partner in the economic and community development of this region and beyond. The University stakeholders will approach these purposes as an active participant in the community through knowledge development and advancing student learning achievements; preparation of students through both academic and leadership experiences; and in serving as a vital member of regional industry and community partnerships.

While the initiatives proposed in this work-plan engage all three of the existing University strategic priority concepts areas, initial emphasis for this project rests with BW “as an integral leader in developing workforce strength, organizational capacity, leadership, and service.”