Drone flying overhead near trees

By NoCamels Israeli Innovation News | February 12, 2023

Israel’s air traffic control for drones will be operated by computer.

Drones are about to transform the way we transport groceries, takeouts, medical supplies, home deliveries, your morning coffee… even people.

And that means we need a failsafe way to track the thousands of pilotless vehicles flying above our heads.

For ordinary aircraft, with human pilots, we have air traffic controllers who clear flights for take-off and landing and make sure planes keep a safe distance from each other.

For drones there will be an automated system run by computers rather than people. Israel is working towards a system of “managed airspace”, where a single, central agency will oversee all drone movements.

“We’re building this ecosystem from zero, to be autonomous and managed only by computers,” says Daniella Partem, head of the Israeli Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution, part of the Israel Innovation Authority.

“You’ll launch a drone with a specific mission and it will fly autonomously, without a visual line of sight.”

Every drone operator will digitally share their flight details with every other operator, unlike today’s air traffic control systems. The drones will communicate not only with their operator, but also with other drones.

Soaring to new heights, together.

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