drone flying near apartment buildings delivering package

An article by dronedj.com shares:

Retail giant Walmart says it is bringing the drone delivery ordering experience directly to its shopping app later this month. Customers can order thousands of items ranging from baby wipes to birthday candles via drone delivery and receive them in 30 minutes or less. In some cases, deliveries can take place as fast as 10 minutes.

Walmart has been trialing drone delivery since 2021, and has completed over 30,000 drone deliveries safely to date. As of January 2024, this year, Walmart drone delivery has been available across more than 30 towns and municipalities in Texas’ Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex, covering up to 75% of the residents.

Shoppers have been placing orders through the websites of Walmart’s drone delivery partners all this while. But later this month, customers in the area will begin to be notified of the new ordering capability through the Walmart app if they are eligible for drone delivery based on the address associated with their account.

The integration will be done in phases as more drone delivery sites launch and drone providers receive additional regulatory approvals to fly more goods across greater distances.

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