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Thirty-two schools will receive $13.5 million in grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help attract and train students for careers as pilots and aviation maintenance technicians.

The $13.5 million in FAA grants, including awards to Kent State University, Ohio State University, and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Ohio, signal a significant boost for aviation education within the state. These grants will support the development of future aviation professionals, from pilots to maintenance technicians, enhancing Ohio’s position in the aviation industry. The funding will not only help to address the national shortage of aviation professionals but also provide Ohio students with advanced education and career opportunities in the growing field of aviation and aerospace.

Kent State University and Ohio State University will receive a share of the $4.5 million from the FAA’s Aircraft Pilots Aviation Workforce Development Grants program. The schools can use the funding to create and deliver curriculums designed to prepare high school students to become pilots, aerospace engineers or drone operators. Grants may also be used to support the professional development of teachers.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College will receive a share of the $9 million that will go to 20 schools as part of the FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technical Workers Workforce Development program. These grants will help build back the pipeline of maintenance professionals; approximately 20,000 fewer people are working in the aircraft maintenance sector than before the pandemic.

FAA grant recipients can use the funding to establish new educational programs; provide scholarships or apprenticeships; conduct outreach about careers in the aviation maintenance industry; and support educational opportunities related to aviation maintenance in economically disadvantaged areas.

Visit the FAA website for additional details.

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