Airplane on a runway
Gene Hayman, Director of Collins Aerospace shares:

The evolution of air traffic management (ATM) has brought us to a decisive crossroads, where the seamless fusion of fully digital infrastructures, hyper-connected communications, and data-centric systems defines the threshold of transformation. Within this article, we embark on an exploration of the boundless potential inherent in these revolutionary technologies, intricately woven together to shape the contours of driving to a fully connected aviation ecosystem. Our journey delves into the profound implications arising from the amalgamation of these elements and their profound influence in elevating safety, efficiency, and sustainability within airspace management. As we navigate this visionary trajectory, we also confront the complexities and considerations that arise when envisaging a paradigm where the skies become a realm of unparalleled connectivity and innovation.

UAV solutions provide enhanced levels of visibility, GIS mapping capabilities, and data collection to pre-plan an incident. In the field, commanders can use drones to access real-time conditions, locate personnel, and evaluate risks for a more effective response.

“As a Sourcewell awarded supplier, our customers have an edge. They’re able to get innovative technology into their department—and into operation—faster,” says Ryan English, CEO of FLYMOTION.

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