Aerial view of a road intersection
An article by UAS Weekly shares:

Flooded roads, traffic disruptions, and property damage are just a few of the detrimental
consequences of inadequate road drainage. That’s why the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) takes a proactive step towards safeguarding its roads and infrastructure.

PennDOT recently tackled a project in an urban area, aiming to alleviate standing water and drainage issues. In their pursuit of an innovative solution, they joined forces with the experts at T3 Global Strategies. Faced with a smaller project area, dense tree vegetation, and a need for a quick solution, T3 Global Strategies proposed drone LiDAR surveying with TrueView 3D Imaging Systems from GeoCue, a departure from traditional manned flights.

In a first for PennDOT, they approved the use of drone technology to provide topographic planimetric mapping data and high-resolution orthophotography. In turn, engineers from PennDOT will use the data to implement better drainage.

Soaring to new heights, together.

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