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An article by DroneDJ shares:

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is launching the state’s first low-altitude UAV traffic management system (UTM) to permit safe scaling of drone operations, and eventually clear the way for routine beyond visual line of sight flights by professional service providers and public administrations.

ODOT is introducing the state-wide UTM in partnership with Dayton-based drone navigation tech company CAL Analytics. The asset will be open to all pilots across Ohio, and permit data sharing necessary for safe, collision-free operation as low-altitude aerial activity increases in coming years.

The new UTM is designed to facilitate exchanges of flight details between enterprise, public service, and individual pilots to enable non-conflicting mission planning and execution. As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) increases the number of beyond visual line of sight authorizations in Ohio, ODOT says the platform will also ensure the data exchanges necessary to perform those flights without incident.

“The introduction of this vital capability continues Ohio’s tradition of innovation in the aviation community while prioritizing safety,” said Rich Fox, director of the Ohio UAS Center at ODOT.

While both private and public organizations can enroll to use the new UTM, ODOT says the resource will be particularly valuable to state agencies and local governments across Ohio, whose drone programs are multiplying. The platform is open without cost to all operators and fleet managers requesting access, and completing the integration process.

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