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Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Briefing to Cuyahoga County representatives
County Executive, Chris Ronayne
County Council District 2, Dale Miller

Prepared by:
Stuart C. Mendel, Project Director

Prepared by:
Stuart Mendel, Baldwin Wallace University
Stephen Stahl, Baldwin Wallace University

What is NEOFIX?

NEOFIX is the instrument for state and local government and public safety agencies to post information for each other and drone operators which keep the airspace open, secure, and safe.

NEOFIX informs drone operators of ground rules and conditions, local issues and events, public safety incidents, hazards, and sensitive and critical infrastructure: key safety and navigation data.

NEOFIX allows information sharing in the most open way possible while also respecting operational security, privacy requirements, and public safety, enabling multiple ways to connect and share information via Internet and flight programs.

BW NEOFIX Project Objectives

This project fits within BW strategic values devising programming that is intentionally excellent, innovative, equitable and inclusive. The NEOFIX is an exciting and valuable fit within BW’s regional impact, awareness and reputation strategic initiative outputs. As a public private partnership this technology partnership is a necessary infrastructure underlying high paying jobs drawing on education , training, manufacturing a design, maintenance technologies, flight operations programs; and public policy development and discourse while also engaging students and faculty of BW.

Soaring to new heights, together.

Be sure to visit the BWU Technology Partnerships Initiative website to learn more about how our NEOFIX program drives economic growth, promotes policy and infrastructure to improve drone safety and efficiency in various industries, and ensures that drone technology is being used responsibly.