STEM students
An article by explores how drones can revolutionize STEM education by offering students hands-on experience in UAV operation and coding, fostering essential skills in aviation, computer science, and critical thinking, and filling a vital niche in the educational sector.

Kansas-based Pitsco Education recently unveiled their new Echo drone designed for the burgeoning STEM education market. As drones become a more prominent part of the economy, educating students on how to safely operate UAVs, then allowing them to pilot them via Block or Scratch coding, can help inspire a love for aviation and can teach valuable computer science skills, flight vocabulary, physics, and soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Filling the niche recently vacated by the discontinued DJI educational series of UAVs, the durable Echo is designed for indoor flight and is targeted at learners grades 6-12+, along with STEM clubs and competitions.

Weighing only 222 g and at smaller than 7×7 inches, the Echo is a compact unit that does not require FAA registration for use. Each drone includes an R/C controller in the box, making it a fully plug-and-play solution with a full flight time of 10 minutes, but the real learning begins once students begin using the bundled app (Tspeed 7) to begin coding flight paths using a simple drag-and-drop block-based interface. The Echo is specifically designed to be fully compliant for educational use, as well as meeting all the requirements for increasingly popular drone-based educational competitions like the SkillsUSA Commercial sUAS (Drone) Competition at a much lower entry cost than more expensive commercial units.

Important sectors like mineral exploration, construction, entertainment, marketing, aviation, agriculture, and the military are increasingly reliant on people who have the necessary skills to operate UAVs. Ensuring access by learners can help fill the needs of the market and prepare students for the workforce of the future.

Soaring to new heights, together.

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