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NEOFIX Report Q4 2023

The NEOFIX project’s fourth-quarter report for 2023 highlights continuous progress and expansion of its digital infrastructure aimed at enhancing drone services in Northeast Ohio. During this quarter, the project saw the integration of data from various stakeholders, development of a comprehensive database, and engagement with local governments and policy frameworks. Notably, the quarter involved detailed work on the NEOFIX platform, including stakeholder meetings to refine basemaps for drone flight corridors, which are essential for the future integration with the FAA’s conceptual aeronautical flight routes. The project aligns with Ohio’s DriveOhio Advanced Air Mobility framework and extends outreach to legislators and relevant departments to foster a drone-ready infrastructure statewide. The report underscores the project’s commitment to building a public-private partnership and securing funding for sensor placement and infrastructure development to realize a drone-ready public infrastructure across Ohio.


The Northeast Ohio Flight Information Exchange (NEOFIX) is a program for local government and public safety agencies to post information for each other and drone operators which keep the region’s airspace open, secure, and safe. This program is vital technology infrastructure necessary to promote a friendly setting for drone use, repair, manufacturing and assembly and jobs development.

Soaring to new heights, together.

Be sure to visit the BWU Technology Partnerships Initiative website to learn more about how our NEOFIX program drives economic growth, promotes policy and infrastructure to improve drone safety and efficiency in various industries, and ensures that drone technology is being used responsibly.