An article by Spectrum News shares:

Farmers are using drones to improve efficiency.

Nate Douridas is the Farm Manager at The Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio.

Douridas said drone use allows farmers to rely on clear and specific data instead of forcing farmers to make informed guesses when replanting certain areas of a field or applying water, nutrients, etc.

Evan Delk is the President of Integrated Ag Services. He and drone pilot Justin Vaughn assist farmers with drone use and crop scouting. “We’re using this drone technology to help farmers make better decisions,” Delk said.

Within minutes, their drone and the cameras that are attached to it survey hundreds of acres of land, capturing high-resolution images, and combining them with artificial intelligence.

“It takes a wide picture and then it takes a close picture, which is where all of the real data comes from,” Vaughn said.

That information is then converted it data that farmers, like Douridas, use to improve their crops and business.

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