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An article by dronelife.com shares:

Six NATO countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, and Norway, are collaborating on a pioneering border security initiative known as the “drone wall.” This project aims to provide additional protection against provocations and smuggling activities from neighboring unfriendly countries. The drone wall will integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with traditional physical infrastructure and surveillance systems, providing real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities. By combining high-resolution cameras and sensors with advanced counter-drone technology, the drone wall is expected to significantly enhance the border security measures of the involved nations.

The primary function of the drone wall is to offer continuous aerial surveillance and detection. Drones will patrol border areas, transmitting real-time data to central command centers for immediate analysis and response. Additionally, counter-drone technology will detect and neutralize unauthorized UAVs attempting to infiltrate the border airspace. The system will be powered by advanced battery technologies or renewable energy sources, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring. This approach to border security represents a significant advancement in the field, with the potential to adapt to evolving threats and enhance national security.

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