Drone flying over city

by AUVSI Drone Prepared | Feb 10, 2023

Each week during the state legislative sessions, the Drone Prepared newsletter will keep you updated on new legislation in statehouses nationwide and relevant news.

About Drone Prepared: Drone Prepared is a multi-state initiative from AUVSI to help lawmakers ensure that their state or locality is ready for the benefits the future of uncrewed and autonomous flight will bring to their communities.

Model Legislation Passed in Mississippi Senate
  • What’s new: The Drone Prepared Model legislation in Mississippi, SB 2146, passed the Senate by a nearly unanimous vote.
  • What’s next: The bill will now be sent to the House for consideration.
2023 Legislative Tracker
  • Highlights: This week, Oklahoma and Nevada Convened for their 2023 legislative sessions. There were fourteen new measures introduced, nine measures were heard in committee, and three measures passed on the floor.

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