Drone delivery
An article by suasnews.com shares:

Drones offer fast, safe, and quiet home delivery and can deliver to a 5km radius in less than three minutes.

And – importantly – they can be up to eight times more efficient in terms of C02 emitted during delivery when compared to conventional petrol vehicles, according to a report from Maynooth University in Ireland in 2022.

So they offer the perfect solution for helping cut down emissions as we work towards our NetZeroby40 goal.

For all these reasons, Coca-Cola HBC – through our Ventures arm – has proudly invested in Manna Aero, an Irish start-up that’s leading the way in food and beverage drone deliveries.

Manna has conducted over 140,000 successful deliveries since they set up in Ireland four years ago.

Now the company’s in the final stages of testing the next generation of drones as they prepare to expand to a new, more densely populated city suburb – Blanchardstown – in November 2023.

The new drones will be able to fly in 97% of Irish weather – including heat, rain, and snow.

Backed by Coca-Cola HBC through its Ventures arm, Manna Aero plans to expand into Europe in 2024.

Soaring to new heights, together.

Be sure to visit the BWU Technology Partnerships Initiative website to learn more about how our NEOFIX program drives economic growth, promotes policy and infrastructure to improve drone safety and efficiency in various industries, and ensures that drone technology is being used responsibly.