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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is on the horizon: but are community leaders ready? Do they understand the technology, applications, challenges, and opportunities that AAM presents?

AAM4Gov, a Brighton, UK-based educational provider, recently announced the launch of their first online class focused on supporting decision makers as they navigate the quick-changing world of advanced air mobility. Supported by the UK Research and Innovation Future Flight Challenge and delivered by Innovate UK and the Economic and Social Research Council, AAM4Gov won the “Future Flight: Closing the Skills Gaps” competition for creating new educational resources as AAM begins to grow in importance and visibility.

“While many councils have been using drones for years to reduce survey and maintenance costs and support first responders – such as fire services, police and coast guard units – in saving lives, new technology developments are about to rapidly increase the number and capabilities of drones in the skies above us,” said Philip Butterworth-Hayes, editorial director of AAM4Gov. “The first electric air taxis will fly in Europe next year, while drones will soon be delivering defibrillators, medicines, and pizzas to households throughout the UK. For councils, this is an opportunity and a challenge. Our remote learning courses have been designed to help local authorities more easily and quickly develop policies to optimise the benefits and reduce the risks.”

The course covers (or will cover, as the program expands over the next few months) a wide range of topics: from legal, regulatory, and insurance issues to drone security and ways of engaging with the public. As the program expands, AAM4Gov seeks to fill the needs of UK officials who seek a deeper understanding of the future of UAVs in both the long and short term.

The first three courses are now available. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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